Mark's things page

Here are some things I've been working on as experiments. Some of them might work, but if they do, you are lucky

Distributed / high availabilty systems

Fluffy cluster (load balancer)

A network load balancer for Linux which doesn't need separate hosts and with no single point of failure. An experiment, see Google code site here

Fluffy storage

Fluffy storage is a self-organising decentralised high availability storage system for small data which don't change too often. Think things such as account information, metadata for other storage / clustering systems etc.

Other stuff

PC games

Some PC (technically might work on Mac etc) games I've written are here

Older Web games

These were created before HTML5 / canvas etc, were standardised or supported.

Nevertheless, web browsers play games better than some people realise. Most of these aren't very good though.

Note that compatibility problems arise from changes to popular web browsers

Other web stuff

Xul Mysql Client - incomplete XUL MySQL client application. Note that XUL is now disabled in all Mozilla browsers except for in browser-extensions. This means that this application fundamentally won't work. In any case, since this was written, HTML5 now enables most of the things we did in XUL anyway.

Some of my programming interests

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