VECRAM Software

This is unofficial. More information about the VECRAM can be found at Richard Hutchinson's site, here.

Note that Richard is now making a Vecflash which is much more funky. He is probably not selling VecRAM any more (unless he has some left over). The software shown on this page does not work with Vecflash. I do not have one.

Richard's original software worked ok, but only works on Windows 95/98 (possibly WinME) - this may prove inconvenient for users of other systems.

Here is a compatibility matrix:

Operating system CPU Software Notes
DOS i286 compatible and earlier None known
i386 compatible DOS version of veccy Not tested on all versions
Windows 95 i386 compatible Richard's software, or veccy win32 version Can also use DOS version of veccy
Windows 98
Windows ME Untested: Richard's or veccy win32 may work. Untested
Windows NT 4 i386 compatible veccy win32 Works fine
Windows 2000 Works fine
Windows XP or later Untested but may work
Windows NT or other Windows non i386 compatible veccy win32 - rebuild from source Untested but may work
Linux i386 compatible veccy Linux version Works fine
non i386 compatible veccy Linux version - rebuild from source Untested
AmigaOS 68k series Amiga version of veccy Works
BeOS i386 compatible BeOS version of veccy Works
Other unix-like OS Any You can attempt to port veccy to that

Alternative software

This is my software, I bear no responsibilty for its effect on your Vectrex, your host machine, your marriage etc.

These are all command-line programs, they have no fancy GUIs, no progress bars etc. The README file is in all the archives. Win32 users should get the source code for the README file.

Win32 version

Runs under Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 etc. This is a naked exe - you may want to rename it.

Download here

DOS version

Runs under DOS on a 386+, will not work on older CPUs. Will also work in a DOS box in some OSs. Unzip the file into a new directory, the binary should then work.

Download here

Linux version & source

Runs under any modern Linux system

Build it from the source here

Amiga version

Credit: Buzz from Exotica for facilitating this port, nagging me and generally making it happen.

This is a binary. I have no idea what the library dependencies are, but if you want to use this, mail me (or Buzz).

Download here

BeOS version

Credit: James (slor at comcast dot net)

This bloke out of the blue, sent me a patch to make it work on BeOS. I don't have BeOS so I can't test it, but I take him at his word that it works.

Use the source distribution and gcc 2.7.2 (or similar) to compile it.

For more information, Mail me

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