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Non-Vectrex games

2005-05-23 - You might have wondered what I've been up to - I've made a number of non-vectrex games and put them on this web site for your enjoyment. Read the disclaimer before downloading.

VecRAM now works on BeOS

2004-11-24 - Yes, that's right. Of the tiny number of people who have a VecRAM, if you happen to install BeOS, you can still load your games!

See the Vecram page for more info.

Robotron clone in development

Robotron clone devlopment I'm trying to develop a clone of the Williams classic Robotron. Unfortunately due to the Vectrex's limits it probably won't have as many robots as the original. Screenshot: created

2003-02-05 - Work begins on

Altenative VecRAM software

2003-02-05 - You can download the alternative VecRAM software I made for various platforms here. banner

If you want to know how the banner was created - I simply wrote a program for the Veccy that displays "VECTREX.ORG.UK" at the default size using the rom character routine. I then snapped the screen, and pasted it up there. Good, eh?

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